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9 ways to profit from real estate.

Posted by info on November 6, 2021

The real estate industry is a factor of four that is always in demand, making it more stable than other industries. It is necessary to consider the source of money from each type of real estate. Each model has a unique cost, duration, and return. Try to research and adapt to each person’s unique opportunities.

1# Preemption Investing focuses on profit from sales margins.

To make a profit, buy and sell pre-orders and sell the rights. Investors are referred to as flips. The majority of them are speculative short-term investors. Approximately 1-2 years, selling down payment before completion, where cost is the contract cost Then add the difference that you want to sell to people who can’t reserve it in time and want that asset.

2# Investment in the form of buying old things to improve, renovate, and sell for a profit.

The majority of them are auctions for the purchase of old houses. The bank seized the Legal Execution Department in order to repair it and sell it or buy the land in order to profit from the construction of a commercial building.

This group of people must be knowledgeable about construction and decoration, as well as be able to accurately identify the location of the needs of the people in that area. Profit is generated by a low purchase price plus renovation costs, as well as a residual profit when the property is sold.

3# Investment, holding a house, condo, or land and renting it out monthly or yearly, the return is rental (Rental Yield).

Looking at long-term downturns, such as investors purchasing a condominium for monthly rental. Get a 5-8 percent annual return. There are options for renting directly from yourself as well as through a tenant agency, as well as for renting by purchasing new and borrowing from banks. The rental profit should be greater than the loan interest. and the asset’s price rises in proportion to the land price, and the asset’s value rises in proportion to the land price.

4# Rental asset investment on a daily basis.

Such as a hotel An obvious example is an investment in a condo to create a hotel or condotel, or a condo with a hotel license or a hotel open for investment. Alternatively, investors will receive dividends based on the number of days they stay. Tourist-friendly locations are important because revenue will be generated primarily through occupancy.

5# Invest in speculative land acquisition or rental.

Most of them use large sums of money because they frequently have to buy cash. At the moment, the price of land in a good location that is expected to be a golden location has risen by hundreds of billions of dollars per square kilometer. However, if one is fortunate, right timing and time may change hands. It’s an interesting distinction. Because the planet’s land area is limited, but there are more people. However, there is a requirement. However, the time it takes to convert it to cash can make the plan less profitable than intended.

6# Investors construct commercial buildings, warehouses, distribution centers, and flea markets on land and collect daily, monthly, and yearly service fees.

Location near densely populated cities, dormitories, and land owners or can rent land in that area for development. or service activities such as laundry services or warehouse delivery It can generate profits on an annual, monthly, and daily basis.

7# Time and effort investment Work as a broker or agent.

Investors will request to be brokers in order to enter into contracts with landlords of houses or condos to bring the property. Customers can rent or buy from you if you go to them. which will be compensated in the form of a commission According to the standard, you will receive one month’s compensation from a one-year lease, and the sales agent’s commission will not exceed 1-3 percent of the sale price of that property.

8# Direct investment in real estate group shares in the stock market, bonds, or mutual funds that invest in for-sale real estate companies.

If a real estate fund, it can earn interest or dividends from various companies that have both long-term dividend holdings and trading profit margins from the value of various companies’ stocks. It has the advantage of being tradable on the stock exchange. which may be more stable, but the fund manager must divide the return

9# Investing in Digital Tokens

This is novel. There are currently companies or real estate associations. Has agreed to create a digital currency or Token to be used to raise funds for general public sale. When the project is successful, the money will be used to develop the project both in Thailand and abroad. Produce income, then distribute that income to Token token holders, who can still trade in and out like any other stock market.

However, it must be studied and is still in its infancy. Because the Thai government has yet to make a clear announcement, there is still a high risk.

At the moment, all nine types of real estate investment are available. Who is good at what, and what type of expertise do they have? I want you to research it because the investment is risky, but the return is greater than simply leaving cash alone. In any case, the value is less than the baht’s depreciation. If anyone is still looking for long-term results, “rent” is still an option for those who are safe, low-cost, recoverable, and have tangible items. The cost keeps rising, and it will last indefinitely.

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