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Bangkok Shopping Guide: Sukhumvit Road

Posted by info on November 6, 2021

Sukhumvit Road is one of Bangkok’s busiest streets and also one of its most diverse, with everything from high-end international chains all the way to local family businesses.

Introduction: What To Buy

Bangkok is a destination famous for its shopping. Unlike traditional shopping destinations where you have to pay a premium for name brands, Bangkok offers good quality, designer fashion at prices that aren’t too outrageous.

The Best Shopping Hours

Mornings are the best time to shop because most stores are open from 10 am to 7 pm. Some stores, such as Global Logistics, only open from 11 am to 3 pm, but they close at 8 pm. In contrast with most shops that close for lunch, many restaurants stay open until 9 pm or 10 pm.

How To Get Around Bangkok

There are many ways to get around Bangkok. The most popular form of transportation is the train. This can be both useful and expensive because each ticket costs 120 baht and must be purchased at a machine in the station, not on the train. The other option is to hail a taxi or tuk-tuk. They usually charge much less than taxis but aren’t as safe, so it may be best to stick with taxis in Bangkok.


The Siam trio of Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery is sweeping Bangkok. Even the most ardent shopper will have to take a breather to take it all in at one of their unique boutiques and stores. Siam Square One and other mega malls are surrounded by a plethora of smaller shops.

Chit Lom

One of the best BTS Skytrain stops in Bangkok is Chit Lom, thanks in part to the enormous amount of shopping available at this single location. The Palladium World Shopping Mall, Central World, The Platinum Fashion Mall, and Amarin Plaza are just a short walk from Sukhumvit Road.

Central World’s designs and decor are all over the place, and there are eight levels of shopping madness to be found there. Women’s clothing and beauty and hair care products fill the tart on the first floor. Along the way, you’ll come across everything from electronics to eyewear in this massive shopping center.


Terminal 21 has it all, no matter what your shopping preferences may be. Whether you’re looking for a bargain or a high-end purchase, this massive mall has something for everyone’s budget and taste.

Phrom Phong

Emporium Bangkok is the place to go if you’re willing to blow a hole in your wallet. Dior is the first stop for visitors, followed by a slew of high-end boutiques, flashing lights, and ornate furnishings. Emporium is a great place to peruse the wares, even if you don’t buy anything.


Gateway Ekamai, Mall is located next to a BTS station and offers a wide range of activities for children ages 7 to 13, including laser tag, VR stations, a flight simulation experience, and a massive playground in Harbor Land. This is better than any other pretend-jobs playground in town, in my opinion.


Bangkok is a great place for shopping in general, and Sukhumvit Road in particular. It’s the best place to find all sorts of quirky or high-end designers. You can also find everything from cute dresses to quality leather goods.

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