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The most recent Thailand Pass updates

Posted by info on November 17, 2021

The Thailand Pass system was designed to streamline the application process, making it faster and easier for people to apply. It is also intended to make it more automated in preparation for an influx of visitors in December/January. According to tourism operators I met with at WTM London, they have already received a significant number of bookings from travelers for the first quarter of 2022. As a result, it is critical to have a system in place that can handle the predicted numbers. Of sure, we won’t see the 40 million visits we saw a few of years ago. However, it is expected that 20% of this amount will travel next year. That implies that by January, the Thailand Pass system must be quick, efficient, and mostly automated. They claim that at the moment, roughly half of all applicants, particularly those joining the quarantine program without a vaccination certificate, are automatically approved.

The ability to log in to check on the progress of your application is the most significant change that they will be delivered shortly. This will also allow you to download the QR Code once it is available. They did tell me that they were unable to transmit the QR Code to a lot of folks because they either typed their email address incorrectly or their mailbox was full and it bounced back. It will be much more convenient to be able to log in, check status, and get the QR Code yourself. Furthermore, if anything was denied in only one part, you may go in and amend it without having to reapply.

It is strongly advised for travelers visiting Thailand on vacation to have medical insurance. Especially if you plan to travel during a worldwide epidemic. If by some unlikely chance, you test positive upon arrival, and the current rate is 0.10 percent of arrivals, you will want enough insurance. Also, one that will cover you for a hospital stay even if you have no symptoms.

Expatriates are having a more difficult time than tourists acquiring proper insurance for the $50,000 coverage. Especially because they are meant to be covered for the remainder of the time on their visa. I had ten months remaining on my coverage and was charged 30,000 baht for a one-year policy! Foreigners possessing Permanent Residence or long-term Thailand Elite visas would be hit with a substantially higher cost. In this regard, I believe I have some excellent news and clarity on the regulations.

The Thailand Pass is not going away. For the time being, at least. It will be much easier to use after they have upgraded the program with the enhancements that I have highlighted. They are also working hard to automate more of the process so that more individuals can receive the QR Code quicker. Some regulations should also be relaxed in the coming weeks. So, as I’ve advised many times before, don’t hurry to Thailand. Certainly not at this era of transition between the COE and the Thailand Pass. However, if you can wait until, say, December, it will be a lot easier.
As I have stated, there will be a large CCSA meeting on Friday to examine the first two weeks of the country’s reopening and to debate prospective regulation changes. I believe that the exemption age for immunization certificates for the Test & Go program will be raised from under 12 to under 18 next week. Another significant change that might occur next week is the elimination of the requirement to do an RT-PCR test within 72 hours after departure. This is due to the fact that an increasing number of nations do not have the option of having this test performed. If it doesn’t happen next week, I believe it will happen by December 1st. They should also talk about the list of permitted nations and territories.

Visit to apply for a Thailand Pass if you are a visitor or a returning Thai national. If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at 02 572 8442, which has opened 30 new lines for this reason.

Check this link for The Thailand Pass FAQ:

For further information, scan this QR code.

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